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What is a Think Tank ?

The first Think Tank that ever existed was conceptualized roughly about 50 years ago. This Think Tank was initially formed to function as the “Thinking Machine” that will aid the US government in all their executive undertakings. With the utmost desire to create intelligent, sound and brilliant solutions to different aspects and problems of national governance, they gathered together experts from different field of studies, industries and practices.

The idea is for these experts to provide valuable observations, recommendations and ideas in relation to any policy or decision that the government is about to execute or embark on. The success of this concept led other countries, including the UK, to duplicate it for their own advantage.

Later on, this same principle was used, as non-government and private organizations structured more intensive Think Tanks which aimed to focus on specific areas of expertise, advocacies and industries. Nowadays, Think Tanks do not only function for government-related purposes; different Think Tanks emerged to help many organizations manage better and have a much higher success rate.

Currently, there are Think Tanks that were developed by private individuals, experts and companies to help business owners find solutions to their seemingly unsolvable organizational problems. These Think Tanks aim to provide programs that are expected to redeem companies who are perceived to have overwhelming organizational dilemmas.

About Us
Who is Paul Bradley ?

Paul Bradley


Paul Bradley is 363 Think Tank’s Executive Consultant. Brad, as he is fondly called by colleagues and friends, has more than 30 years of experience working in Retail, Banking and several market-focused private corporations.

He is highly valued for his superb management skills and his excellent ability to deliver best results in the quickest way possible. His “can do” attitude never failed to provide positive results all the time. Being a management expert, his unusually high standard of measurement allows him to develop individuals to the best of their ability.

Fashioned with result-driven and practical methodology together with his speed and ability to solve any given management problems, he has helped a lot of organizations improve their work practices that results for them to become more successful and profitable in their respective industries.

Aside from his vast and valuable corporate experiences, he also received a Master of Business Administration degree from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). He is currently finishing his Doctorate on Business Administration from the Southern Cross University, Australia.