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363 Outsourcing is a Virtual Assistance provider that concentrates on providing virtual professionals that facilitates online and telemarketing services. Our virtual professionals are highly-proficient and committed individuals that performs sales and marketing tasks in telecommute basis to supplement the undertakings of your internal sales force. Our clients are composed of different corporations coming from various industries; adjusting to your company's culture, size and leadership style will not be pose difficulty to our partnership. We can provide you with your human resources requirements immediately as we have an existing pool of virtual professionals just waiting for deployment.

Our Virtual Sales & Marketing Support Professionals do not just offer assistance; we provide advanced skill and knowledge of the field. We guarantee to help you increase your sales and boost your profit. By partnering with us, your internal staff can focus more on meeting with their clients, improve their abilities and skills, prepare and enhance their marketing collaterals and ultimately bring in more sales.

We can assure you that our virtual professionals are competent to excellently support your business and take over marketing activities in a fast and reliable way. We have the list of the best, proficient and seasoned individuals with awesome skills in the field of sales and marketing. In addition, we make sure that each of these professionals is individually observed and tested to complement our client's essential and specific needs.

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Eliminate Your Workforce Problems

“The kind of PEOPLE that works for you can

Most business owners know that every employee can potentially grow a corporation; however, they can also ruin it.

A lot of BUSINESSES FAILED simply because of the owners’ FAILURE TO DEVELOP THEIR PEOPLE. Do not fall into the same pit! Developing your people to become best employees may not be an easy task but once achieved, it can be a milestone that can secure your company’s prosperity. ENSURE THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS by creating QUALITY, EXCELLENT and WORLD-CLASS WORKFORCE.

Let 363 Virtual Engagement take away your problems…

363 Virtual Engagement can guarantee the best result in developing your Human Resources. First and foremost, we know that our ultimate goal in developing your employees is for your business to become more successful. Hence, we will assure that, while we develop your people, we do it in a manner that will not at all inhibit them from performing their daily activities.

This way, we do not only hone your people to become your greatest asset, the method of doing so being done virtually, ensures that the program is being facilitated without taking these people away from their desk or their work area. This means that while we make your people better, we will not take them away from doing the daily task that you need them to perform. As such, your business flow and activities will not be affected. We work silently yet effectively; you may not notice us while we do our thing yet you will be surprised with how things will work out at the end of the program.

Secondly, the modules that will be used are designed to be performed vis-à-vis their individual functions. This means that since they are tasked to customize every activity in our modules to correspond to their daily tasks and specific roles in the organization, they are being developed right where the organization intends them to be better at. In doing so, there will be no wasted activities; the time and effort of the participants are sure to generate positive results not only for the individual but more importantly, for the organization as well.

We are dedicated to help; we aim for your business to become succesful & WE can prove to you that we can actually eliminate your workforce problems!!!


12 Module Management Program


We offer your company a FREE 12-Module E-Workbook that guarantees to improve each and every Individual working for your organization. It aims to develop a more professional work attitude and instil in them ethics in performing their tasks. This will ensure that your employees will be more focused on excellently doing their jobs without actually forcing them to do so.

363 Think Tank has developed a 12-module management program that aims to help business owners and executives in creating the best and the brightest employees and individuals. This excellently written program has been proven helpful and effective in developing our client’s workforce. It would be a pleasure sharing this with you and becoming your partner in re-shaping your organization’s future success.

Highlights of the Program:

  1. We are offering this for FREE
  2. The program and its modules will be customized based on your organization’s requirement and set-up.
  3. The program and its modules can be adjusted to fit the need of any individual that performs a specific task in any organization.
  4. This program is designed for easy monitoring and implementation.
  5. The genius design of this program ensures that all modules are properly performed by all participants.

Every module is intended to be performed and completed within 30-days; as such, the entire program will run for a period of one year. Hence, you have a one-year training and development program for the whole year without having to pay a dime for all the benefits that you will get from it.

This program is a guaranteed goldmine that can help your organization develop your most important asset—your PEOPLE.